Circadian Rhythm Clock

The old adage "early to bed, early to go up, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise" could offer a deeper insight than once thought. If you've ever woken up one minute before your alarm clock stopped or randomly guessed the time and you were right in those moments your natural rhythms were in perfect harmony together with your environment. Your body circadian rhythms, typically called your biological clock, is a highly evolved system within your body that does much more than just offer you sense of enough time. This natural rhythm is most critical to understand in the current day world as transportation technology presently has the opportunity to dramatically modify the natural indicators that keep these rhythms harmoniously.
Circadian clock

Your body's circadian rhythm may be the control system that regulates how and when you get hungry, digest your meal, produce urine and bowel motions, you regulate your blood pressure levels and the body temperature. With so many critical bodily processes so closely intertwined to those rhythms start to see why any disruption could create signs of illness. The crossing of multiple timezones when traveling creates a new environment that your body will be made to synchronize all of these behaviors and processes to. This unhinging of one's natural time tables and the body cycles is the thing that will then be experienced as Jet Lag.

Originally evolved into the human body based on the light patterns for the day these natural rhythms happen to be under constant bombardment from many external factors within your everyday routine. Artificial lighted environments can have a detrimental impact on these rhythms be creating false indicators your body could misinterpret.

With so many factors working against a wholesome, stable, well regulated body cycle we ought to all do everything we could to hedge against these known external influences. Better get yourself ready for trips or following best practices when sick might help alleviate additional symptoms that may be prevented.

Circadian clock

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